Librarian in an SLT world

This isn’t a case of being in the right place at the right time, but by creating the opportunity myself I was able to play a vital role in this extremely important whole school movement. Not only does this put info lit skills at the forefront of classroom teaching but it also does what we all aim for info lit in schools. The ability for me to teach the teachers and the teachers to teach it to the students. Being whole school gives it gravitas, gives it importance, gives it that consistency that it is being taught across the whole school in every lesson.

So being involved in school life in this way has this snowball effect. Not only have I been involved in these whole school movements but I have been able to make sure that the work the library is doing is measured in the same way that all the other departments are. We track students, like every other department. We use data nationally, locally and through our work to have an understanding of all our students. We specifically run intervention for students that need it. We look at impact on attainment and achievement. We aren’t just a department by name but by expectations too.

That’s why I am looking forward to being part of SLT, not only to help better myself but to make the library an even more effective place within the school. To keep us at the forefront of development and to make sure we are playing a role in impacting on students attainment and achievement across the whole of the school.


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