I am currently a Secondary school Librarian in Hertfordshire. I have worked in school libraries for many years and have previously worked as a school advisor within Hertfordshire. This role included working with schools, primary and secondary on raising their attainment through literacy and reading. I have also acted as an advisor to schools across the country, offering support on resources, staffing and raising literacy within the school.

In my current role I work closely with driving certain curriculum areas including Study Support where I lead on co-ordinating extra sessions to support the learning of all students. I also work closely on certain intervention strategies with poor literacy skills employing many of my own programmes to great success. 

I am currently Chair of national reading charity The Federation of Children’s Book Groups and sit on numerous boards and initiatives discussing literacy and reading within an educational context. I am also the founder of National Non Fiction Day a day dedicated to the enjoyment of reading non fiction for pleasure. I have sat on and run numerous sessions around Non Fiction for publishers, Library Authorities and other book related events such as the London Book Fair.

I am also the founder of illustration and visual literacy project Illustr8or which works in areas of low literacy helping to enhance the learning of students through the use of visual storytelling techniques. As well as this I host a fortnightly children’s book chat on twitter for anyone intersted in children’s books. You can find this on twitter every other sunday beween 8pm and 9 pm at #fedbkgrp.

Having worked as an Inset (in service education and training) provider for many years my passions including making sure staff are regularly up-to-date in all areas of their job. I constantly run Inset sessions for schools on a range of subjets and can tailor each session to suit your needs.

I have worked with numerous publishers running sessions for staff on the importance of school libraries and their impact and helping sales staff to get a better picture of how they can work with schools and librarians.

I am a published writer of poetry and short stories and run numerous creative writing workshops for adults and young people. Having studied Educational Studies and English at University and subsequently gaining MCLIP status from the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals (CILIP national body of Librarians) I have a unique skills and knowledge set which means I see the bigger picture in education and how National Initiatives and changes can affect learning and how these changes can seen as positive.


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