Student librarians

We’ve always had a large number of student librarians be involved in the library but this year we have our biggest cohort ever.

In a year group of 220 students we have well over 150 applicants at the end of yr7 apply to become a librarian which makes the job of whittling them down an extremely difficult one. We spend the first year of their school live getting to know them (ever single student in the school has a regular library lesson with yr7’s coming in for the first term 1hr per week for Reading for Enjoyment lessons – run by myself). This helps us, when we go through the application forms, to work out which students will be the right ones to be chosen.

It’s always a hard decision and we know that as the year goes on there will be students that hadn’t first come to our attention that suddenly get involved with their friends, who are librarians, and then become a librarian themselves. We nearly always find that these students end up being some of the best we’ve had!

Anyway this year we picked a total 65 students, a massive number itself but still less than half of those that applied! Over the holidays I work out all their shelving and desk duties. We work the librarians hard through the year with them helping out at break and lunchtimes as well reshelving books and helping to run a number of events throughout the year, but they do get rewarded well too with trips, author visits and lots of other priveledges.

Each librarian has their own shelf to look after and we close the library on a Friday breaktime specifically for students to do their shelving duties. This is always a really fun time in the library with lots of activity, chatter and hard work. Instead of feeling like they are being made to do something hard the students love it, taking ownership of their area and taking pride in making it look the best it can. What’s also really fab for us is the fact that the students are picking up so many skills that will help them not only in school but in later life.

Our librarians are part of the strength of our library , even if sorting out their rota can be a nightmare!


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