New year, same beginning

One of the things that I’m always really keen to do in the summer holidays (the benefit of being full time) is refresh all the displays that we have in the library. To save time a lot of the displays are ones we will try and keep up for a whole year. For instance we have a large photo wall, which chronicles all the things that we have done with students over the previous year. This involves trips, author visits, competitions, clubs etc. It’s a great talking point for the students and we always to get as many embarrassing photos up as possible too (we sometimes call it the wall of shame for this reason). It’s also really a really good starting point when we are introducing someone to the library -(either a parent, a librarian from another school or anyone else coming to look around) because not only does it help me to remember all the things we do but it gives a great picture of the fun that our students have in our library.

One display we are very happy about is our Harry Potter competition display. Living in Herts we are very lucky that the studios are just down the road to us. Last year we ran a whole 2 terms worth of competitions for students to win the chance to go on the tour and because of the success we’re doing it again this year.

It will be our very own Triwizard Tournament with students having to compete in 3 tasks to be in with the chance of winning their place. Being an HP fan myself (cough, cough) it really is great fun to run but even if I wasn’t just seeing how hard the students work and how enthusiastic they are makes it all worthwhile!


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  1. The display looks awesome!

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