Have just been looking over the chat from our last session and sorting out the book list. A great mixture of picture and chapter books this time with some classics popping up as well as some great new books. Keving Brook’s came up for the third session running. Loads of people loving his books with great comments coming through for iBoy,which was one of my books of the year.

Other authors to pop up were the multi talented Anne Fine. I remember studying Madame Doubtfire at university and just remember the poignancy of a story so well written and crafted it had a lasting impact on me.

Melvin Burgess popped up as did Mal Peet, Frances Hardinge with a couple of her books, David Almond’s Skellig as well as a bit of Lemony Snicket. The picture books that graced last time, the very wonderful and timeless Hungry Caterpillar (of which my daughter has the cutest sleep suit) and a whole host of Jane Ray books.

All in allit was a pretty good chat and always great fun to host with so many different comments and feelings on so many wonderful books, both classic and a bit more contemporary.

Don’t forget to join in next time this sunday 8pm-9pm!


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